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crossing borders and taking chances

with aren pollock

Aren Pollock, an aspiring restaurateur and global citizen, tells us about his time at Restaurant JAN.

Aren joined the JAN team as a student chef at Restaurant JAN in Nice, France. His day-to-day responsibilities included preparing proteins (meats and fish), sauces, and hot vegetable preparations. Before working for the JAN Group, Aren completed two six-month internships.

After his internship at Restaurant JAN, he broke into the European food scene, working in Amsterdam at Restaurant Choux. He describes the most valuable lessons that he acquired from his internship as attention to detail and the importance of sustainability in the kitchen—particularly in sourcing food from small-scale local suppliers. “But it is surprisingly also greatly improved my time management and perfection.”

Aren notes that not only did his cheffing and culinary capabilities improve during his work experience, but so did his time management and precision. He describes the most challenging part of his experience as living and working with new people but ultimately walking away with the reward of newfound friendships. What surprised Aran most about his actual working experience was how fun the kitchen atmosphere would be, as well as the privilege of working with Chef Scott Armstrong. He describes the JAN Group’s company culture as focused, professional, and welcoming.

He remarks that he was taught the art of hospitality and luxury – essential factors for success in his career path and what upholds JAN’s excellent brand image. Aren’s dream is to travel and work in and around Europe, as well as parts of East Asia for the next few years. He is focusing on building his food knowledge and aspires to eventually create his own restaurant and brand

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