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living the dream

with paulina kruiper

For Paulina Kruiper, her journey into the vibrant world of culinary arts began with an enriching internship in the heart of the Kalahari.

Her internship at Restaurant Klein JAN wasn’t just about mastering recipes but embracing a culture of excellence and collaboration. “I enjoyed being part of the team and working together, creating memories with an amazing group,” she recalls.

Her day-to-day routine as a student chef involved meticulous preparations for dinner service and gearing up for the next day’s challenges. From chopping vegetables to artfully plating dishes for discerning guests, each task was a step towards honing her craft.

Starting her journey with a solid foundation in cooking the basics, Paulina found herself immersed in the world of fine dining at Klein Jan. “I grew stronger as a chef,” she remarks, crediting her colleagues for their guidance and the invaluable lessons learned in the kitchen.

One of the most valuable lessons Paulina gleaned from her time with the JAN Group was the importance of humility and continuous improvement. “Always be prepared to be taught by others in the kitchen,” she advises. “And always do your best to help others instead of breaking them.”

Navigating the fast-paced environment of a professional kitchen wasn’t without its challenges. “Working in a specific timeframe and ensuring dishes went out on time without any hiccups was quite challenging,” Paulina admits. Yet, it was precisely these challenges that pushed her to excel and strive for perfection.

The reality of working in a fine-dining establishment surpassed Paulina’s expectations. “The accuracy and perfection required in food preparation surprised me the most,” she shares. Every detail mattered, from precision in plating to meeting the chef’s exacting standards.

Describing the JAN Group’s company culture as rich in knowledge and support, Paulina highlights the freedom to express oneself and the camaraderie within the team. “Everyone can be themselves,” she notes, emphasising the importance of teamwork, ambition, and dedication.

Paulina’s internship at Restaurant Klein wasn’t just a stepping stone in her career; it was a transformative experience that equipped her with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue her culinary dreams. As she sets forth on her path, one thing is certain – her time with the JAN Group has laid the foundation for a promising future in the world of gastronomy.

As Paulina looks ahead to her future career, she’s filled with ambition and a desire to make her mark in the culinary world. “I aspire to open my own restaurant one day,” she reveals. “Being the best chef and teacher to other people who would like to do the same.”

A question asked, an answer given:

What would your advice be to someone who wishes to embark on an internship or work-experience journey with the JAN GROUP?
Always be prepared to learn something new and always share your ideas; don’t step back or hesitate. Always believe in yourself and know that you can do better.
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