In this course, you will learn how Jan Hendrik started his career as a restaurateur and how he crafts distinctive culinary experiences as he shares the lessons he’s learned while running a restaurant in Europe, and back home on South African soil. His conversation with fellow chef, entrepreneur, author and friend, Karen Dudley, is full of laughs, practical advice, and candid accounts of some of their wins and losses.

COURSE INCLUDES inspirational video learning sessions featuring Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen and Karen Dudley. | An in-depth digital workbook with additional learning material and reflective exercises. | A JAN Innovation Academy certificate on completion of the course. | Optional CV submission to the JAN Group.


Session 1 is an introduction and overview of the course, so that you get an idea of what is coming and what you can expect to take away from each of the sessions. Jan Hendrik will share some of the lessons he’s learnt along the way and what he wishes he knew before opening his first restaurant. We encourage you to take notes and let your mind wander as you engage with the content, so that you can start imagining your own restaurant.


In Session 2, we’ll look at the concept of your restaurant and how you can be creative when it comes to initiating your thought process of starting your own business in the food industry. We will explore how the concept of a restaurant is developed and how that plays into the menu you decide to serve. We will also look at the physical space, décor and the overall feeling that you want to give the restaurant. Jan Hendrik will share the story of how he started Restaurant JAN in France, and how things changed up to the point when he opened his newest restaurant, Klein JAN, in the Kalahari.


Session 3 is all about restaurant management and customer service – from keeping tabs on your stock, putting together a stellar team in the kitchen and creating an unforgettable experience for diners. Jan Hendrik will share some insight into the decisions he makes to ensure his restaurants are financially sustainable, the systems that are in place to make the day to day run smoothly, and the important lessons you only get to learn after the grand opening.


After you have completed the three sessions in this course, you will unlock a bonus episode where Jan Hendrik is in conversation with fellow chef, entrepreneur, author and friend, Karen Dudley. Their insightful conversation is filled with laughs, tips and tricks that you can apply to your own business, and personal tales of victory and disappointment.

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