The art of table setting

In this course, you will discover how to create a sustainable dining environment that fulfils your practical and creative requirements, gain insight into the way Jan Hendrik and Alwijn design dining environments in Nice, Cape Town, and the Kalahari, learn how to guide your guests’ behaviour, and be inspired to ground your designs in the context of the cultural moment.

COURSE INCLUDES inspirational video learning sessions featuring Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen and Alwijn Burger. | An integrated digital workbook with additional learning material and reflective exercises. | A JAN Innovation Academy certificate on completion of the course. | Optional CV submission to the JAN Group.


Part 1 is an introduction to Jan Hendrik’s approach to table setting and a snapshot of the tips, tricks, and insights he’s gathered and applied throughout his career as a stylist and Michelin-star chef.


Part 2 is all about the underlying social and psychological conversations surrounding the art of table setting and being mindful of the broader cultural environment your dining story plays out in.


Part 3 concludes the course with Alwijn walking you through a practical table-setting process – from the shopping to cleaning up the confetti the morning after.

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